Our vision is a growing community of civic leaders who have shared values, ownership, and accountability towards transforming their communities.
Since we began our journey of transformation in 2016, we believe in the value of civic education in building possibilities for youth that develops their leadership and citizenship capabilities through various value-based and gamification educational programs focusing on our nine values of citizenship: innovation, knowledge sharing, tolerance, empathy, social responsibility, hypothesizing, authenticity, achievement and faith.
Beginning my discovery journey with ikteshaaf, I realized it is not only about civic engagement courses or personal development workshops…now I believe in the role of small communities which are actually the seeds of big change for a better society.
Khalid Ibrahimikteshaaf Fellow - Cohort 1
Through our diversity in this journey, I have seen how can values be integrated into our lives and the power of small groups.
Mohamed Shaltoot ikteshaaf Fellow - Cohort 2
In ikteshaaf, I was able to listen, speak, express and discover myself. ikteshaaf is a safe space for everyone regardless of who they are. I met and loved myself and everyone around me in ikteshaaf.
Safaa El Azab ikteshaaf Fellow - Cohort 3
I am very grateful for the safe learning and acceptance space, one of the most beautiful experiences I have had, and great effort in the content and the way the information was delivered.
Nawal Bahaaikteshaaf Fellow - Cohort 4
ikteshaaf is a great knowledge space where you can acquire a value in an ecosystem with great facilitators and fellows.
Ibrahim Hassanikteshaaf Fellow - Cohort 5
One of the terms I have learned about in ikteshaaf and still experiencing it until now is ‘reflection’…it is not only self evaluation, but also a zoom out mode to know where you are and who you are to reposition your directions if needed.
Ismail Moneerikteshaaf Fellow - Cohort 1
In a room of knowledge with nine posters of values imprinted on the walls, you are free, powerful, belonged and beloved. I see myself referring to this space and people in every step that will further take us towards the beyond.
Rana Gamalikteshaaf Fellow - Cohort 2
During the journey of ikteshaaf, you will learn what is identity, citizenship, and how to describe who you are based on the diversity of knowledge and experiences you will be exposed to during the modules.
Abdeltawab Hassounikteshaaf Fellow - Cohort 3
I was very pleased with my participation in the fourth cohort of the ikteshaaf program, which enriched me with immense knowledge. I advise anyone to go through this experience.
Sherif Harbyikteshaaf Fellow - Cohort 4
ikteshaad has been one of the best experiences that I had so far, through nine weeks I learned nine values that reshape my thoughts about myself and the environment around me…I really recommend this experience to anyone who is interested in going through a journey to discover his true self.
Nermin Mohamedikteshaaf Fellow - Cohort 5