ikteshaaf Civic Education Program

ikteshaaf is a value-based civic education program that consists of nine modules and eight group mentorship sessions. Each module and group mentorship session focuses on one of our nine values of citizenship. The program will begin from August 26th, 2018 until October 23rd, 2018 at the Goethe Institut in Cairo.
ikteshaaf is open to 10 university students and recent graduates up from 18 – 24 years old from diverse academic backgrounds and career aspirations, and who are committed to discover their potential to become civic leaders in their communities and beyond.
ikteshaaf is a life changing experience for me as I find myself sharing a community with people that believe in the same values. It became the place I find myself developing the most, as I keep discovering more about myself and learn to aspire change in my community.
Esraa Ahmedikteshaaf Fellow & Alumni Officer - Cohort 1
Through our diversity in this journey, I have seen how can values be integrated into our lives and the power of small groups.
Mohamed Shaltoot ikteshaaf Fellow - Cohort 2
In ikteshaaf, I was able to listen, speak, express and discover myself. ikteshaaf is a safe space for everyone regardless of who they are. I met and loved myself and everyone around me in ikteshaaf.
Safaa El Azab ikteshaaf Fellow - Cohort 3
ikteshaaf was a turning point in my life where I started thinking about establishing a social enterprise and I realized the importance of social responsibility because we all share the same values and work together to achieve ikteshaaf’s vision.
Hassan Arafa ikteshaaf Fellow & Alumni Officer - Cohort 1
In a room of knowledge with nine posters of values imprinted into the walls, you are free, powerful, belonged and beloved. I see myself referring to this space and people in every step that will further take us towards the beyond.
Rana Gamalikteshaaf Fellow - Cohort 2
During the journey of ikteshaaf, you will learn what is identity, citizenship, and how to describe who you are based on the diversity of knowledge and experiences you will be exposed to during the modules.
Abdeltawab Hassounikteshaaf Fellow - Cohort 3